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Easily create your custom icon fonts. Over 9,000 icons available.

Ready to go in seconds

Save time by easily generating custom icon fonts

Don't open photoshop each time you want to update an icon color. Easily create custom icon fonts with Fontastic! Your icons can be modified on the fly via CSS. Rescale, change colour, add a shadow and more in just a jiffy.

Import your own icons

Unique, personalised collections

Over 9,000 icons just isn't enough choice for some projects. Quickly & easily import your own icons by uploading them as SVG files. They're converted and easy to use in seconds.

Crisp, Clear Iconography

Who knew maths could look so good?

The same mathematics you hated in high school is now creating vector icons that look good at any size. No longer export different sized .PNG versions of your icons for your responsive designs; let them resize automatically to your users screen, no matter how big or small.

Synchronise your icons
between multiple devices

Every change you make is instantly synced with our servers. If you use a range of devices you will find exactly the same icons, fonts and settings on all of them.

Deploy icons in seconds
with our CDN hosting

Now in Beta. Publish your icons with just one click! We host all icons on fast and reliable Amazon S3 hosting, so they're always there and delivered in a flash.

Centralize your products
with our multi-fonts application

Manage all your projects in one place. Create an unlimited number of fonts and assign one per website or application. Add or modify icons and it happens everywhere at once.

Join The Icon Font Revolution

Trusted by more than 33,000 revolutionaries. Are you ready to join them?

Speedy Gonzales!

Include only the icons you need, reducing loading times, by combining all your icons into a single font file.

Take control

Quickly change how icons look using good old, reliable CSS. Rescale, recolor, add a drop shadow to or animate them.

Only the best

We've collected the best icons on the web, with more than 9,000 icons ready to instantly use in your projects.

Fun and fast

Wary of changing old tactics? With Fontastic, creating an icon font couldn't be simpler, or quicker. Time to leave PNGs in the dirt.

Over 9,000 ready-to-use icons

The greatest choice of icons on the web, from the best icon designers

Elusive icons - 291 Free Icons

Streamline Icons - 100 Free Icons

Minicons - 210 Free Icons

Foundation Icons - 283 Free Icons

Nasty Icons - 45 Free Icons

Font Awesome - 360 Free Icons

Entypo - 284 Free Icons

Picol Icons - 557 Free Icons

Ionicons - 525 Free Icons

Iconic - 171 Free Icons

SteadySets - 142 Free Icons

Linecons - 48 Free Icons

80 Shades - 80 Free Icons

Just vector Social Icons - 152 Free Icons

United States Maps - 53 Free Icons

Metrize Icons - 300 Free Icons

MFG Labs Icons Set - 142 Free Icons

Cue - 39 Free Icons

Meteocons - 47 Free Icons

Other Icons - 50 Free Icons

Maki Icons - 88 Free Icons

5080 Premium Icons

Minicons - 1500 Premium Icons

Streamline Icons - 1640 Premium Icons

Iconified - 650 Premium Icons

Jolly Icons - 400 Premium Icons

Cosmicons - 897 Premium Icons

Create Your Own Icon Font, Today. It's Free.

Most asked questions

Why should I build my own custom icon font?

There are plenty of icon fonts out on the web, but they often contain icons you don’t need, adding weight to your website and making it load slower. A custom icon font will load faster, as it only contains the characters and icons needed for your project.

Can I use these fonts for my commercial projects?

Yes. Even though Fontastic is free, you can any icon font you’ve created with us for any commercial projects. Read the licences for the icon collections you’re using, if you’d like to know more.

Is it really free?

Yes. Fontastic is 100% free, and will stay free forever. It comes with thousands of free, beautiful vector icons to choose from. If you want more choice, you can choose from a selection of paid-for, premium font packs, bringing together even more of the best icons on the web.

Last Improvements

  • Improved performances

    We've spent weeks working on improving performances to make Fontastic super fast and reliable. Every part is now faster: uploading icons, generating fonts, browsing through icons...

    30 december 2013

  • Work faster with the icons multiselection!

    Drag a lasso selection around the icons you want to select or deselect. It was the most demanded feature on the todo list. More details

    04 october 2013

  • Fontastic is up to 10x faster to load!

    Now we use browser cache to store icon sets. So it's noticeably faster on every modern browser: Safari, Chorme, Firefox and IE10+.

    03 october 2013

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